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Yahoo boasts of 2 billion searches per month. Through Yahoo Search Marketing, advertisers can take advantage of this number to expose their products and services to targeted customers. It is reported that Yahoo Premium Plan connects to over 80% of all active Internet users by way of five most important search engines. It is further reported that advertisers receive over 170 million highly targeted sales lead every month. Such report is impressive. In this article, we explore three things about Yahoo Search Marketing. These include preliminary considerations related to Yahoo Search Marketing, new features of Yahoo Search Marketing, and the difference Yahoo Search Marketing can do for your business.

Preliminary Considerations Related to Yahoo Search Marketing

In the area of online advertising, we cannot deny the influence of Google Adwords. It is still considered an advertising king. Yahoo, in its attempt to remain competitive in the world of advertising has overhauled its former system. Yahoo Search Marketing is the outcome of this reengineering.

The former name of YSM was Overture. Its outdated features and functionality have been redesigned. Presently, YSM is considered as one of the most efficient Pay Per Click advertising.

Reviewers notice that much of the new features of YSM today have been copied from Google Adwords. It is said to have imitated the best features of Google Adwords and in some cases offers a better service. Some reviewers would say YSM is easier to use than GA, but others would claim the opposite. In terms of results, contrary opinions exist between these two giant online advertisers.

For proponents of YSM, two advantages are clear. One, the advertising price of Yahoo is cheaper than Google. Two, the fact that Google is already crowded works in favor of Yahoo. It is reasoned out that tougher keyword competition exists in GA, which YSM provides advertisers more space.

If you are an advertiser, as you click YSM site, four questions will be asked from you. YSM asks this information to assist you promoting your business. The first question is about your monthly advertising budget. You have four options ranging from below $10,000 to above $50,000. The second question is related to the type of advertising your prefer. Again, you are given four options. The third and last questions are about personal information and the specific country you want to advertise your products and services.

New Features of Yahoo Search Marketing

Yahoo Search Marketing has several new features. We only mention seven of them:

The first feature is the privilege to submit your site or few pages of your site to top search properties. Through YSM, your business has the opportunity to be included in search results composed of MSN, Yahoo!, AltaVista, InfoSpace, AlltheWeb, and NetZero.

The second feature is the ability to monitor the activity of your advertising in real time. This is designated as “day parting” and the exact concept that Google has in “ad scheduling.” This is Yahoo’s response to popular demands from advertisers to customize and schedule ads. Through this feature, you can choose the appropriate schedule for your advertising. As you notice higher conversion rate in a specific time of the day, you can focus your campaign during that time by increasing your bid.

The third feature is targeting potential customers using demographics. For instance, your site is focusing on men with a specific age group, you can add to your bid when you notice that this particular group is searching for your keywords. By doing this, you are taking advantage of this specific feature to maximize potential results.

The fourth feature is targeting local areas. YSM describes it as “zip code level” advertising. This feature helps you find specific location with better degree of conversion. If you find such area, again you can add to your bid to generate more traffic of this type to your site.

The fifth feature is content match. This is a system of advertising products and services using articles and reviews similar or relevant to the content of the business site. Through this feature, Yahoo can now better control the display of ads on your website. This removes the artificiality of ads placed on a site, which gave negative impression to online ads in the past. The good news for advertisers is that the cost for “content network” has been lessened from $.10 to $.05.

The sixth feature is network distribution. You can check this feature under campaign settings. Clicking it, you will see several options. It will also display the activity during the previous month including the number of clicks, impressions, and costs associated to specific areas. You can then adjust your bid.

The seventh is improved importing. Opening dashboard, you will see “import campaign.” You can import either YSM or GA campaign. The good thing in this feature is you can manage duplicates, negative keywords, and truncated titles affected by importing.

The Difference Yahoo Search Marketing Can Do for Your Business

How does YSM help your business? How does it work? The system is simple. You start by choosing the appropriate keywords for your products and services. Then you create your own text ads to promote your products. You can decide the maximum amount for your ads. You only pay when someone clicks your ads.

There is no need for you to worry about the success of your advertising campaign. YSM has greatly improved its analytics. It gives you the ability to closely monitor the actual efficiency of your ads. After seeing minimal performance, you can adjust and take necessary action to improve your campaign.

Many business owners engage in online advertising have given their testimonials using YSM. They are satisfied with the outcome of their Internet ads. It made a great difference in their bank deposits. Their businesses have grown faster substantially than doing the advertising alone.

With YSM and its new features, advertisers are happy and satisfied with this new direction. Now is the opportune time for you to concentrate advertising your products and services using YSM.

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