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Before we go into the benefits that manual directory submission will provide you with, let us discuss the basics first. What is a directory? It is a list of websites that are divided into categories. Why should you go for a directory submission, or, in other words, why should you bother enlisting your website with a directory? It is highly recommended, because directory submission is an old and trusted way of getting traffic to your website and can bring a real improvement to your search engine rankings. There are two methods of directory submissions; these are manual and automatic. It is manual directory submission that is preferable because of the innumerable benefits that it brings.

Manual directory submission is the best way to boost your online marketing strategies at a reasonable cost. In automatic submissions, many websites are submitted to the popular directories in bulk, as a result indexing by popular search engines like Yahoo and Google is slow. In case of manual directory submission it is much faster, comparatively. Though the submission process will take up slightly more time than automatic ones, your patience will bear fruit.

Another fact that will induce you to go for manual directory submission is the fact that the niche directories only take up articles that are scrutinized by humans. These niche directories house many high ranking pages and are therefore popular with the search engines. Machines are no match for human skill and judgment. Therefore, it’s a lot more likely that a person with lots of experience in that area will, after going through the content of your website will choose the right directories for you. Not only is the reputation and ranking checked out, but also the relevance, making it a totally holistic procedure. This also ensures that your site will be equipped with quality back links, as the search engines are interested in these back links. As mentioned earlier it also entails your website being examined carefully by a real human being to establish whether or not it has adhered to the requirements that are pre requested by some websites. This ensures that the approval rates are high

Now that you are well acquainted with the benefits of manual directory submission, you will probably like to know how to go about it. Well, manual submission can be quite a handful for those with a young site or those who are greenhorns in the internet marketing arena. It is always a better idea to rely upon a respected site like ours that provides you with options of manual directory submission. It ensures that manual directory submission of your website is done by an expert with total professionalism, and all the guidelines that are preset in this regard are rigidly adhered to. The cost of our manual directory submission is reasonable and you will find the cost incurred extremely economical in the light of the benefits that will accrue because of it.

If you want to make your product or service popular amidst the target audience, nothing is better than regular directory submission.

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