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Benefits and Features

Forget about lousy SEO marketing strategies, directory submission remains unequalled when it comes to increasing website traffic.

Building one-way links to your websites generate potential customers. It increases your site’s visibility with search engines thereby translating into sales. However, effective directory submission is not that easy especially if you are not an SEO expert.

SeoScorpio Free Directory Submission Software makes things simple. This Free Directory Submission Software has a straightforward goal: submit you site to as many free directories as possible. With that said, you’ll certainly need nothing more than this software.

SeoScorpio Free Directory Submission Software is a user-friendly directory submission tool that permits submission of your website to multiple directories in just a

SeoScorpio Free Directory Submission Software

Minimize your directory submission efforts and time by using SeoScorpio Free Directory Submission Software with an effect same as Manual Submission.

Free of Cost Download
Manual Submission Software
One Way Back Links.
Updated Directory Lists

short time. It allows submission of websites with different title and descriptions. With its easy-to-use interface and helpful features, you can save a lot of your effort, money and time in generating organic traffic to your website. This Free Directory Submission Software has over a thousand of web directories.

SeoScorpio Free Directory Submission Software recognizes the importance of cost-efficient marketing. As such, its database of directories only includes high quality web directories that do not charge subscription fees or require a reciprocal link. Furthermore, this free directory submission software never uses directories with same IP address as they are usually rejected by most search engines.

Equipped with form auto-completion, SeoScorpio Free Directory Submission Software saves your valuable time. The software does all the filling-up tasks required by directories. SeoScorpio Free Directory Submission Software is capable of rotating your website’s link title, descriptions and keywords so that it appears as a unique submission in every directory. Take note that most search engines, especially Google, consider submissions having the same title in different directories as spam.

SeoScorpio Free Directory Submission Software is the best free directory submission software you will ever get. It supports multiple directory submission at a given time. If you’re worried about duplicate submission or lose of files, you need not. SeoScorpio Free Directory Submission Software automatically saves your submission history and provides a report about your directory submission campaign. This feature also helps track your development.
SeoScorpio Free Directory Submission Software users enjoy benefits and features exclusive with this free directory submission software.


  • Fast, multiple directory submission ensures high quality traffic to your website.
  • Increased website visibility.
  • Live customer support service.
  • Receive comprehensive report of your current page rank in different search engine tools
  • Get tons of one-way backlinks in no time.
  • Access to a comprehensive database of directories which outnumbers other directory submission service providers.


  • Constant addition of new directories.
  • Automatically rotates anchor texts to generate unique submissions with different directories.
  • Auto-completion saves your time and effort in filling up necessary details such as site URL, title, description and keywords in different web directories.
  • Updated report and submission history log.
  • User friendly interface.
  • New features and upgrades are available for better directory submission.

Boost your traffic with SEO SeoScorpio’s free directory submission software.
Ace all search engine rankings with SeoScorpio Free Directory Submission Software!


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