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There are basically two types of directories, that is - paid and free. As the nomenclature suggests, the paid directories are the ones that charge you in order to get your website listed on their website, and the free ones are those which, as the name indicates, do not charge you. The question may now arise as to why go for a paid directory when there is a free one available. Just stop for a moment, think about it, and the answer will be clear to you. Free directories are those which get their revenue from advertisements only; this is because they do not charge you any subscription fees. However, there are ads, and lots of them. This means that a part of the precious traffic that you are targeting will be lured away. There are several other points that make paid directories be seen in a better light and we will now discuss them.

A big drawback that plagues free directories is the fact these are the ideal home for spammers. Moreover, automatic submissions are widespread, and millions of websites are submitted per minute by robots, with these websites not being checked in any way. If you cram your website into this group, it will naturally make your page look cheap. Furthermore, submitting to free directories can take up a lot of your valuable time. As it is free, there are many applications made to these directories at any given time. As a result either they take a lot of time reviewing the applications and going through the content, or they publish the sites without taking the trouble to check the content. Whichever it is, it can do real damage to the prospects for your website. This will mean that the sites that are listed in these directories are low in quality, and so back linking won’t provide you with much benefit. If you choose to pay, and go for paid directories then your site will be listed with a few, but handpicked, quality sites that makes back linking actually get results for you.

A popular misconception is that since paid directories are getting paid to list websites they accept all websites. The real facts are different, however. Although they will publish only those websites that are of high quality, statistics suggest that the approval rates of paid directories are higher than the free ones. To be precise, there is about a 90% chance that your website will get accepted by the paid directory.

Finally the paid directories generally have better page rankings in search engines than the free directories, so in this way your site will get more exposure, as a result of which you can be sure of better traffic. You can enlist with the top directories via us, and the cost being nominal, you will never regret the decision of doing so. The results will be to your benefit and you can be absolutely sure that paid directories are always a smarter choice than the free ones.

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