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Internet Marketing in India

With a huge population, India like China, promises a vast untapped field of opportunity for the growth of Internet marketing. However, for several reasons, this potential remains underutilized. The present article attempts to identify these reasons, share the present status of Internet marketing in the country, and give an overview of suggestions to the government and people of India, to concerned financial institutions, and for everyone outside of India who want to take advantage of this great resource. Our method is simply web-based research. Moreover, we acknowledge that this examination and proposal are tentative and divergent opinions exist as to the status of Internet marketing in the country.

Reasons for the Slow Growth of Internet Marketing in India

We limit our analysis to five underlying causes behind the slow development of Internet marketing in Indian context. They include the following:

  • The people are not prepared for global economy
  • Uncooperative financial institutions
  • Unreliability or lack of necessary infrastructure
  • Scarcity of quality content, and
  • Lack of online opportunities

These causes are interrelated. The unpreparedness of the people manifests in unwillingness to set up online shops and preference to traditional shopping. People find it hard to believe the intangible nature of Internet economy. As a result, majority fails to take critical actions to improve their lives.
The financial system is said to be uncooperative. Rules are very strict most especially in relation to online financial transaction. Global payment system like PayPal is difficult to access. The Reserve Banking of India in particular follows rigorous measures in foreign exchange.
We suspect that the banking system does not own all this limitation. The government and legislation share their part with all these restrictions.
Third, Internet marketing in India suffers slow progress due to the scarcity of necessary infrastructure. If ever it exists, the system is unreliable. This is true in the delivery of products and services to the intended location. Add to this the lack of “supply chain” and technical infrastructure. Internet connection in India is still very expensive. Even if you have the privilege of Internet connection at home, the service is unstable.
Furthermore, English as a second language in India should not be used as an excuse to come up with quality content. It is frustrating to read articles promoting Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization, which are incomprehensible. Disconnected ideas, inappropriate use of terms, and truncated sentences certainly will never contribute to the success of Internet marketing in India. Unfortunately, this phenomenon does not only afflict articles written about the status of Internet marketing in the country, but also characterize many articles in the web using spinning to achieve higher page rank.
Finally, all the foregoing reasons account for the lack of online opportunities. If both the people and the financial institutions are not prepared, how can you expect online opportunities to thrive? If the necessary technical and marketing infrastructures are either missing or undependable, it is but logical that online opportunities would go somewhere else. If web contents are unintelligible, such atmosphere is not conducive for the growth and spread of online opportunities.

The Present Status of Internet Marketing in India

Happily, three signs of growth are evident that could break the slow progress of Internet marketing in India and could usher into a promising future. You can see this through the existence of small sites, the role of social media, and innovative ideas.
The development of small websites is an integral part in the strategy to promote businesses online. Advertising products and services turns easy through this means. Potential customers are readily accessible through the Internet.
Social media too play an active role in this Internet marketing campaign. Taking advantage of millions of users of different social networks, businesses make it sure that their opportunities reach the attention of these online users.
Innovative ideas evolve around hot topics like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, and Web Design and Development. SEO, as we all know promises budding sites to advertise their businesses and services, generate traffic, and boost their ranks in the eyes of search engines. SMO focuses on simple and professional ways to maximize social media in promoting business opportunities. WDD aims to provide business clients professional and customized sites to attract more customers and increase profitability.

Suggestions to Fast Track Internet Marketing in India

Harnessing the potential of Internet Marketing in India, two factors should be evident. They pertain to general preparation and specific steps for change.
General preparation comprise of the educational institution, the government, and important infrastructures. The educational institutions ought to lead the way to globalization. They should actively engage themselves in campaigning for the spread of relevant information to the public. They can effectively do this first by upgrading instructional materials and assimilating the use technology in the educational system.
The government too should provide the necessary support that educational institutions and business establishment need. It could be in a form of legislation, initiating projects, and providing funds for this change.
Important infrastructures include financial institutions, marketing system, and technical resources. The banking system should be flexible enough to improve their policies to provide space for online financial transactions. The “supply chain” and the delivery system should demonstrate reliability to accustom people to online shopping. Telecommunication and Internet companies should think of ways making their services both more affordable and accessible to greater number of people. Doing this would yield long-term results and would result both to corporate profitability and stronger national economy.
Nevertheless, specific steps consist of sourcing out of quality content and the continuation of the present status of Internet marketing in the country. The lack of quality in web content could be addressed by sourcing out talents from other parts of the world through global platforms.
More number of smaller websites is needed. We expect that the existing mini websites would grow and become more influential not only in the country, but in the global community as well.
We also anticipate that if in the coming years, Internet service would be more accessible, stable, and affordable for the majority, greater appreciation of social media certainly would result to more opportunities both for the people and business owners.
Among many innovative ideas to be integrated into network marketing, social marketing is a worthy cause. Surely, this will make an appeal to a highly environmental conscious and relational culture like India. Undoubtedly, an online business supporting the fight against malnutrition and ecological abuse would gain support from potential customers.
Internet marketing in India is still young. Definitely, tapping this huge market will make a great difference for national economy. Awareness about the causes of slow progress of Internet marketing in the country and doing the necessary actions would help achieve this ideal goal.


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