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Internet Marketing in the USA

The result of our research about Internet marketing in the USA is both informative and very interesting. We find data supporting the involvement of different companies from various industries, which are actively involved in Internet marketing. From their example, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) could learn several lessons improving their own performance online. This article shares five industries engage in Internet marketing and lessons learned applicable for SMEs.

A recent report about the collaboration of ClickZ and SEW with UK’s Madgex to market online jobs is an example of one industry using Internet marketing as an effective platform. In the USA, we find data of at least five industries using the same strategy to sell their services. We are aware that almost all industries are heading towards such direction. The five industries we hope to include in this article are:

• Legal services industry
• Financial services industry
• Technological service industry
• Advertising services industry, and
• Hospitality and travel services industry

Legal Industry

Internet Brands acquisition of and is an example of active participation of legal industry in using Internet to attract clients. Internet Brands on the other hand, owns more than 100 websites. Majority of these sites have very strong community base, which accounts for approximately monthly 69 million unique guests. is an Internet marketing company selling legal services. Together with, they link clients with attorneys all over North America and “provide laypeople and legal professionals with access to legal information.” Both of them are leaders in legal directory. They believe that the acquisition would further expand their legal services

By selling, Arvind Raichur and Becky Raichur, the founders of the company, intend to expand itself beyond legal services through its new name, They intend to offer comprehensive Internet marketing services such as “website design, development, hosting, SEO, e-commerce solutions, and social media services.”

Financial Industry

Selling financial services to community banks and local credit unions is another example of Internet marketing economy. GoBankingRates partnership with RateWatch allows the latter “to offer its clients the opportunity to market their CD rates, savings rates, home loan, and auto loan products within the GoBankingRates web community.” These two companies aim to enhance the financial services of community banks and local credit unions.

GoBankingRates web community has more than 1,500 local websites. This community reaches more than 650 US market areas and receives more than 3 million monthly unique visitors. In February 2011, the company reports generating 30% growth as a consequence of connecting to new markets. It now provides deposit and loan product resources for over 600 US cities. It boasts of adding more than 200 banking and finance monthly articles focusing on topics like tax deductions, creation and preservation of wealth, debt management, and importance of credit. Its partner’s strength, RateWatch lies in client base and exclusive reports. RateWatch has more than 5,000 clients.

Technology Industry

Derek Rice of Mainebiz reported a collaborative effort of technology entrepreneurs leasing same facility in Portland. They intend to add a coffee shop and fitness center inside the venue. Their action is very timely and economical. We believe that by building their local reputation around Portland, they are also strengthening their reputation online. They are riding on existing trends by turning local and establishing partnerships.

Advertising Industry

Google’s authorization given to Ataxo is an example of groundbreaking effort in the advertising industry. Ataxo now is an authorized reseller of Google Adwords in Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company simplifies advertising for SMEs. The initial efforts of Ataxo have been very successful.

Hospitality and Travel Industry

MICROS eCommerce Services/TIG Global has expanded its travel and hospitality services by joining hands with two companies, Revinate and Delta Hotels. Both Revinate and Delta Hotels are leading companies in hospitality industry. The unique reputation of Revinate is its specialization in online reputation management. Delta Hotels unique practice is the assimilation of the principle of social marketing. All three companies recognize the influence of social media on today’s travelers. People rely on them for hospitality and travel reviews. And that is they want to capitalize on this trend promoting hospitality and travel industry.

Lessons Learned

We learn four important lessons from the enumerated industries. Attaching a social cause has been a common feature of greater number of businesses. Delta Hotels is a good example to follow for SMEs. It does not require a business to be big for it to find a social cause suitable for its core values.

The second lesson is the importance of collaboration and partnership. We see this in the examples of GoBankingRates and RateWatch, technology entrepreneurs of Portland, Google Adwords and Ataxo, and MICROS with Revinate and Delta Hotels. We think that all these companies see the potential for growth and expansion in working together rather than working alone.

SMEs should do the same. We do not know precisely how would this work in the context of SMEs. It is sufficient to realize that such collaboration is the current trend and promises greater profitability than doing the business alone.

Another lesson we learn is the dominance of technology and advertising in business. Even the legal, financial, hospitality, and travel industries rely on technology and advertising for the promotion of their services. is a concrete example of a business in legal industry that expands its services including comprehensive Internet marketing services.

The final lesson is the significance of community support for a website to soar and the preference for organic attraction. That is the strength of the member sites of Internet Brands for receiving 69 million unique monthly visitors. The same thing is the experience of GoBankingRates web community with 3 million unique guests per month.

The foregoing lesson is timely in an era where search engines rule. There are site owners who make all the artificial means just to achieve a high page rank. They intentionally forget the real purpose in creating both substantial web content and attractive design. And that is why believing and applying organic attraction provides the only solid base to generate traffic and attain high page rank.

We find our research about Internet marketing in the USA both informative and interesting. We believe that the lessons learned from five different industries are useful for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

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