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Internet Marketing in the United Kingdom

There are various ways to promote an industry, a business, and services. Article marketing, blogging, using different types of directories, participating in forums, and social bookmarking are just few examples of these ways. Experts agree about the high value of news and press releases. Press release is a great way to promote as well as a good source of substantial information about an industry, a business and a product. This holds true in promoting Internet marketing industry.

Our present task is to acquire relevant information about the existing trend of Internet marketing in the United Kingdom. Avoiding superficial information, we decided to consult press release. We cover at least an overview of five companies. We then analyze the focus of these companies.

We find out several common agenda among these companies. We also observe distinct emphases. Overall, the data shows that Internet marketing in the United Kingdom lies at the frontline of this global industry. The present article explores some of these common direction and distinct emphases. We include in this report Internet marketing companies, which one way or another is related to United Kingdom.

5 Internet Marketing Companies

Razorfish claims to be “one of the largest interactive marketing and technology companies in the world.” Joining the potentials of both expert consultants and best marketers, Razorfish is confident to meet the business needs of its clients. It helps businesses building better brands and launching new products. It also recognizes the ever-changing world of advertising, which calls for a need to integrate creative media and technology in the campaign.

We Simplify the Internet (WSI) is an Internet franchise based in Toronto, Canada and asserts to be “the world’s leading internet franchise offering digital marketing services to suit the needs of multiple industries.” Early April this year, the company organized a convention held in Birmingham, UK. The main features of the convention include the central topic about digital marketing innovations, 13 reputable speakers from around the world, and the participation of more than 150 WSI Digital Marketing Consultants. The main topic was broken down around the theme of search optimization, social media, and mobile marketing.

Kirk Communications is both an SEO company and a global provider of integrated marketing solutions. Their services consist social media programs, public relations, web design, SEO, PPC analytics, and advanced 3D animation.

Click Consult intends to focus on the potential of Google + to maximize its new features for the present and prospective online marketing approach. It also projects that the new social media will impact search marketing in general.

ClickZ, the biggest resource of interactive marketing news has partnered with Search Engine Watch to commence an interactive marketing job board. ClickZ boasts of its expert, exclusive, and in-depth coverage while SEW shares tips and information about web search, search engine industry analysis, and site owners assistance to be found in search engines. In this joint venture, they facilitate connection between job finders and employment vacancies. They aim to bridge the distance between the need for social media and search engine marketing professionals and recruiters. Providing Internet access for job seekers through mobile phone is one of their strategies. Both companies have joined forces with Madgex, the leading UK job board specialist in order to realize their project.

Common Business Agenda

All these companies strongly agree about the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), creative design, advertising, and web analytics. They also affirm the role of social media and mobile technologies to change the landscape of the business world. They share the same mind as to the importance of knowing social trend to be able to respond to rapid changes. They believe that such knowledge and agility are critical for enterprises to thrive in an era where globalization, localization, and digitalization at the same time are the trends. So far these are the obvious similarities.

The similarity of other business agenda is not so obvious because of differences in terms. We suspect that the main idea remains the same. Examples of these are as follows:
• “Web presence optimization,” “social influence marketing,” and “social marketing trend”
• “Creative media” and “emerging media”
• “Pioneering digital solutions” and “digital marketing services,” and
• “User experience,” “public relation,” and “customer service”

Distinct Emphases

Among the many differences in services with these five companies, we just want to highlight three: social marketing, Google +, and marketing jobs.

Social marketing is both a social and business trend. This strengthens the emotional tie of the people to the company products and services. WSI made a very wise decision to assimilate in its core values and business practices the aim “to help make child poverty history though its global outreach program.”

Click Consult discerns two primary reasons for the launching of Google +. These are challenging the supremacy of Facebook on social media and generating Google’s own platform to closely monitor social trends. The company’s interest on Google + is motivated by its desire to integrate the new features of this social media into existing and future online marketing methods and the way it might affect search marketing as a whole. Click Consult also foresees that Google will directly influence Internet marketing campaigns in the future with search results being directly influenced by Google + activity.

Using the Internet marketing jobs is also part of Internet marketing. This is the unique feature of ClickZ among the five companies. The company recognizes the existence of a very demanding market looking for best available talent. They capitalize on their expertise on interactive marketing industry to satisfy this need. The use of mobile technologies accessing the Internet plays an important role here for job seekers looking for pertinent information.

The analysis of press releases of these five companies related to Internet marketing in the UK shows us about their present and future direction. These give us invaluable insights to follow the leadership of these companies. We notice both similarities and differences in their business agenda. Our task as small business owners is to find the particular agenda related to us and do further research on the subject.



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