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How to Generate Traffic for Blog?

Learning to generate traffic to your blog is a critical skill to business success online. There are blogs existing for years and still struggling to have at least a minimum of hundred guests in a day. And others exist in just few months and boast of having thousands of unique visitors daily. Is this observation baseless? Are those claiming to have generated traffic telling the truth? If they do, what are they doing that make their blog successful? What are the practices we need to learn from them? This article shares some of the practical ways to generate topic to your blog. We recognize the existence of numerous steps how to achieve traffic. We intentionally limit all these steps in five categories of practical tips. Expect that the categorization is fluid and overlapping exists.

Writing Tips

We start with writing tips. Webmasters keep on repeating that unique and useful content is foundational to attract quests to your site. Unique content is powerful and it is difficult to compete with it. A substantial content requires an attractive title. They complement each other. The content should not be used as an excuse for a lousy title. So carefully think and match your title with your content.

Another idea is to be selective with your topic. The inclination of a beginning blogger is to write any topic under the sun. The only criterion in selecting a topic is the personal interests of the blogger. Resist such inclination. Even though you could not completely isolate yourself from your personal interests, reflect first about your guests’ needs before writing an article. Your quests’ concern should be your top priority why you’re writing.

Third, simplify complex ideas. There are many available resources in the net, which are substantial and worth sharing to the public. However, due to the difficulty of the language and the manner of communication, people fail to appreciate them. If you have a gift of understanding complex concepts and turning them into simple materials for people to comprehend them, do so. You are giving valuable service to people. But don’t forget to give credit to the original source and the lessons you learned and some practical tips.

Fourth, do your best to keep a balance between writing something timely and timeless. There are bloggers who made a false dichotomy between these two. Some would go for writing time-bound events ignoring totally the precious lessons that transcend time and space. Others would go for topics relevant for all time but fail to communicate them in the language of today. As a result, they are considered archaic and strange. The key is to find meaning in current events, to connect the present happening to the things that physical eyes could not see. Write something that even future generation could benefit from. In the fleeting moment of this life, you are leaving a legacy through your writing.

The last tip is another example of existing tension in the practices of most bloggers. You can find bloggers who write with plenty of links throughout the article. They block the flow of transferring thoughts to their readers. Others would disagree with the practice. Their primary concern is the continuity of the idea. We prefer the last one for it prioritizes the readers’ interests over the “business agenda” of the blogger.

Social Tips

Writing for people in mind first and then for search engine second is both a writing tip and a social tip. It removes the artificiality and restores the naturality back to your writing. Such quality is conducive to building relationship with your guests.

Build virtual friendship by leaving friendly and honest comment on blogs and forums and by starting and participating in conversation. Maximize social networks, use social bookmarking and be a member of as many virtual communities as you can. Contribute, add value, share common interests, in short, be an active member of these virtual networks.

Technical Tips

This one is hard especially for beginners. If you’re not familiar with basic technical information, learn the vocabulary first and explore their potential to generate traffic to your blog.

Few suggestions are appropriate at this point. First, inform search engines about your posts by making sitemap and using tags. Second, use plugins. This is the reason why experienced webmasters prefer Word Press to Blogger. Install plugins like translator, sitemap, and related posts. These plugins are tools to bring guests to your blog. Third, pay attention to your design. Clothe your blog as if you are going to a great party. Make images and graphics attractive.

Professional Tips

Concerning professional development, your task is to master your niche so that you have something to share to your guests. Be an expert in your subject matter. You can demonstrate your expertise by posting a review in newsgroups and participating in the conversation in professional network like LinkedIn. You will be surprised that unexpected guests would come and visit your blog. Who knows you might establish professional connection and receive invitation to write on other people’s blogs. You can take such opportunity for you to have exposure to a different type of audience. That would contribute to your professional growth.


Personal Tips

We come now to the last category of practical tips. In the cyber world, suspicion is widespread and removing it could only be done as people develop personal relationship with the blogger. Some would suggest stay anonymous as you can for the people’s concern is confined with acquisition of relevant information and not knowing you personally. Bringing that kind of idea in the real world, the question is, would you trust a person you consider stranger?

Your goal as a blogger is to break the wall as much as you can. Let the people know the real person behind the blog. Write something that is true to you. Share your failures and your successes. Your failures bring connection and your success build credibility. Only focusing on your success puts a distance between you and your guests.

The development of this kind of relationship takes time. But once you have it, be patient and let people do the work of sharing the value you are giving them to their friends and loved ones. If you focus your attention to genuinely helping people because you care, generating traffic for your blog would take care of itself. In the final analysis, traffic growth is all about authentic people caring to help real people.








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