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Effectiveness of Directory Submission


Directory submission means simply to add your website to what’s called a web directory. To do this, you must submit your website URL, and relevant information about our website to a pertinent category.

It is a way to improve the popularity of your website by a link, in the competitive market of search engine optimization (SEO). Regarding the cost to submit your URL into a directory, it varies from free to costly. It depends on the number of directories, and the calculating of the company’s directory marketing team. You may wonder why would even pay a high price to be listed in these directories. There are many valid financial reasons to do this.

Directory Submission and the SEO

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals know to use directory submission as a first step to optimizing a website. In other words, it increases the visibility of a website.
Links are merely references to any website, and the higher the number of references, the higher will be the priority allotted to that website by all search engines. Developing a high number of back links is reportedly a difficult challenge, however.

You can do the same with what’s known as building a link. It’s just that submitting a directory is the most affordable means. That is the reason why SEOs prefer it as a way to make back links. Also, they prefer directory submission as an easy and cost effective way to get their sites attracted by search engines. Therefore, the site will be indexed in the search database faster.

The Effect of a Directory Submission on a Search Engine Ranking

Links to your website on the web serves as the traveling path to your website. Having a submission on a directory is a means to create such links to get your site noticed all over the web. The more links, the better.

When you submit links to directories, they give directions for the search engine spiders. The more often they see a link, the more the chances of reaching that site. The higher the number of times a search engine comes to your site from external references the higher the ranking they will give.

You also can target focus keywords, or key phrases using directory submission. It’s best to use the important keywords/key phrases as titles for those directory submissions. This will yield a better ranking, and more traffic, which will simply earn more money for your site if you have any ads.

A Quality Directory Submission Service

Submission Pace– Unless you have a well-established website, it’s better to submit your URls slowly. A top quality directory submission service should allow you to submit slowly for optimal results.

SEO Usefulness - Ensure that the listed directories have no broken links, and are functioning. It’s ideal, of course, if the company’s directory is old, with a fine ranking.

Quality vs. Quantity - Today, there are a myriad of directories that have not approved a submission for years. Be certain that your submission service has a tracking service, so that you can see how many of the submitted listings are being approved. A good directory submission service will not submit to thousands of directories, since they are aware that just a limited number of directories on the web are approved. If a company is claiming a large number of approvals, it is not always to your benefit. You should know that the directories used are their own list of directories; made only for that company’s submission service.

Automated vs. Manual – Contrary to what many neophytes think, directory submission must be a manual undertaking. Avoid the automated submissions because they will only submit your websites to their own network of least effective directories. Furthermore, it could damage your website. If your website ends up with poor quality sites on the listing, it reportedly will cause harm to your site. This means loss of income.

Submitting your websites to a directory is arduous. Many hours of work, with proper planning has to be undergone to improve your ranking, and make your website a popular one. Seek the old directory companies, as they will help you build your website business. Find internet forums, and web search to find such directory companies.



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