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Directories are a list of websites that are found on the World Wide Web, in order that users may find useful links easily. In the past, when search engines were not as popular as today, directories were the only way to locate useful websites. Even today directory listing is not an irrelevant issue. You can list your website with a good quality directory list and reap the benefits of better rankings and an increase in target traffic. However, before you go for website listing it will be beneficial to gather a little knowledge about directory lists.

A directory list can be one of several different types. First of all there are general and specific directory lists. In a specific directory, there are only websites related to a particular subject or category, while in the general directories there are several categories under which different types of websites are listed. You will have to check the popularity of a particular directory list in order to see which will suit your website more. Apart from these two categories of directory list there are also other types. For instance there are regional directory lists which are particularly useful if your business is local. There are directory lists which accept submission and some which don’t. If you want your website listed in a directory, choose the list which accepts submission.

The next challenge is to choose between paid directories or free directories. As the name suggests, the free directories don’t charge you in any way for getting your website listed, whereas the paid ones will cost you a nominal fee. As the free directories earn no money via subscriptions from website owners, the only way they earn is via advertisements. This is unfortunate since there are a lot of advertisements which may lure the website users away. So, in a way, the paid directories are a wise choice to make. It is also a speedy and hassle free way to list your website.

Now that you are acquainted with the different types of directory lists, let’s have a quick look at the features that a standard directory list should preferably possess. The directory should be of a good quality, and not a friendly home to spammers. This type of directory can have a negative effect on the websites linked to them. The next important feature is that it should be open to submissions so that your website can get linked. It is a good idea to look for niche specific directories which are favored by a market. Also, it is important to see that the directory is search engine friendly, so that it helps you in SEO target maximization. The most important feature of a good directory list is whether or not it is human edited. Human edited directories win hands down for their credibility. Here the additions are done by humans and not robots, so it is checked meticulously to establish whether the website in question meets with all the guidelines and requirements.

Hence always go for directories where submissions is done manually and not via bots.

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