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If you are someone who is even remotely linked with the internet world in any way, then online visibility must be number one on your agenda. This is because this is the main objective of every marketing strategy online. The more visible your website is online the greater the number of people to whom you can popularize your product and services. This can be done through directory submission. If an online ranking position is important for you, you should also know that links play an influential role in getting you a good online position or ranking. Links can be back links or outbound links, but you have to make sure that the quality and quantity of links are high in order to earn you search engine optimization.

Directory submission is a process that ensures that you collect good quality links, and you can also do directory submission to get good back links. Online directories should definitely be utilized by web users for gathering links. Even with the advent of search engines, directories have not lost their importance completely. In directories, related links under a certain topic are listed together. This is user friendly, and in the old good old days it was the sole tool in hands of web users to enable them to get good links.

Our directory submission service is a really versatile one from which you can enjoy the benefits of getting listed in a directory, and much more. Your website is manually submitted to more than 1490 well placed directories, and therefore you can have one way links that are permanent. We also guide you so that your site is prepared and presented according to the guidelines that are set by the directories. The options of directory submission are also varied and you get to choose from among them without incurring any extra cost. With us there will be no danger of duplicate directory submission because we keep meticulous details of every project. The process will be absolutely hassle free, since you can also avoid dealing with the directory emails by using our email handling service. Live reports that are up to date gives you an accurate picture at all times. A single account can be utilized for managing many sites. We engage only in manual submission to provide you with the highest degree of satisfaction. Our packages start from as low as $5, each directory submission costs you around 14 cents, and there are no hidden costs.

Directory submission is important to pull up your website, because even if search engines somehow miss your site, which may not be content rich, but has images and videos, directory enlisting will ensure that it is not ignored. Another great thing about it is the fact that it is done manually and not by any search engine spider and complex calculations that support SEO. Even if directory submission cannot guarantee you a higher traffic, you can be sure of better search engine rankings, and it also permanently increases the creditability of your website.


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